Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camping (cabin trip) 11/14/2010

I love our annual cabin trips with my friends from High School. We have been going for over 20years. We all have our input in what we want in a cabin and now some of the kids are old enough to give their opinions too. I look forward to spending a whole weekend with everyone eating,watching football,playing games,and eating. We went to a cabin 20miles outside of Old Man's Cave this year. We all loved it and had access to a private reserve of trails and caves. We were the only ones there and it was really warm for November. Looking forward to next year.

Halloween 10/30/2010

Kara went trick or treat 3 different nights and places. Weekend before to Worthington Rec.Center,our neighborhood, and friend's neighborhood. Kara was a unicorn and a penguin this year. You know from previous years, Tim is all about the candy. Kara wanted to introduce herself to each person,go in their house,ask what their dog's name was, etc. Tim was getting impatient and finally told her....the more you talk the less candy you will get now come on. Our friends were cracking up because they were always 5 houses ahead of us. We joked that Kara should of dressed up like a politician. She spoke to people like she was running for office.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

9/29/10 Kara receives vest for Awana Cubbies

Kara started Awana this year (Cubbies)She has done better with memorizing her versus than I thought she would do. Some older kids wear a vest with patches for each step they complete. Every week Kara would ask, "When do I get my vest?" We told her soon but she has to repeat all of her versus to her teacher without help and tell her where to find the verse in the Bible. She loves going and ask everynight is tonight Awana? She finally was awarded her vest but was not patient at all. All the kids were sitting at their assigned tables waiting to be called up to the front. Kara with each name called stood up and moved closer and closer each time. She would get excited and then realized it was someone else. She was cracking us up. We kept saying "sit down, sit down" but she wasn't listening. Finally she was called and clapped for herself and ran right up there. I was messing with the camera and missed most of it but could hear her yelling. "Daddy & Mommy, I finally got my vest, I got it, I got it. You would of thought she won an Olympic God Medal. We are so glad she is that excited to learn and memorize the Bible. We pray she doesn't lose that desire. Plus I am now learning a new verse everyweek.

Sept 25th Tim's 1st OSU Game!!

We were so blessed to be given free tickets to the OSU vs. Eastern Michigan football game. Many thanks to the Mercer family. They even told us where to park for free, about a 15 minute walk to the stadium. I was so excited for Tim since he has lived in Columbus the majority of his life but has never been down to a game. We grabbed a hot dog and a water before we went into the game.(saved us $5.00)Of course, I had snacks in my bag. Great day, great weather, spending time with my hubby, and a great win for the Bucks (record 73-20 score)

Aug. 28th 1st day of preschool

Kara was so excited to start school again. She was bummed she wasn't riding the big bus to school. I have it my way she will never ride a bus to school. She is with 12 other boys and girls at a Christian Preschool. We are so blessed to have this school so close to us. She walked right in to her classroom at open house and went right up to her teacher and introduced herself. We were so proud since she was the only child who introduced themselves. The majority of the kids were hanging on their Mother's leg and crying. They had a service in the Chapel for the whole school that night. Kara didn't hesitate to remind her teacher that it was time to go to service. Her teacher was very appreciative that she had a good helper already. Her poor teacher will have her hands full with Kara.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Camping with the Groffs 7/10

We had a great time with the Groff family camping. Kara had fun helping Daddy put up the tent(only Daddy and Charlie slept in the tent.)We went swimming,played on the playground,found a turtle and just enjoyed being outdooors. Well,we were spoiled with air conditioning,TV and a huge refridgerator.

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

4th of July 2010

Kara's 1st Westerville 4th of July parade. We went 2 hours early to set our chairs up and to get a good "candy spot" as Tim would say. Great parade but after 1 hour and 30 minutes later, Kara asked if we could go home. The parade was still way down the street and really hot. We left to get ready for our first 4th of July festivities at our Church. This was their 12th year for fun,food,and fireworks. Tim volunteered at the bounce house and they had a ton of activities for kids. Free pony rides,games,bounce houses,etc. Great community outreach and they expected over 1,000 people. We stayed for the fireworks and had a great time. Back to work and the daily grind. We had a great family vacation. Looking forward to next year when we go to Disneyworld.

vacation/ Kings Island 6/10

We decided since Kara loves rides we would go to Kings Island for 2 days and go to the Cinci Zoo. The first day she said, we couldn't leave because she has not "rode all the rides" She was a trooper and we stayed till the fireworks. The next morning she jumped up and said, "Look, I grew overnight, now I can ride the big red rollercoaster." We had to break it to her gently that she still wasn't big enough to ride the big rollercoasters. She cried and cried but was glad we were going back to Kings Island. She wanted to stay all day and watch fireworks again. Mommy and Daddy are way too old to hang 2 whole days at Kings Island. We convinced her to leave around dinnertime and then swim at our hotel. We had a great time but the Zoo was a lot smaller than Columbus. We were there maybe 30 minutes and Kara said, she was done we could leave. Once she saw the penquins she was ready to go back to the hotel. We had a great time and I realized Kara and her Daddy will have their special day every year and go to Kings Island together. I don't do rides and it is really a waste of money for me to just walk around all day. Afterall, I could walk around all day at the Ikea Store and get my exercise.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kara can say the funniest things

Kara's bedtime prayers are becoming longer and more specific. Taking after her mother. Our time together before she goes to bed is prayer time. Daddy has a reading time and I have prayer time. She starts by saying, "Thank you God for the world so sweet(glad she is so naive)for Nana,Papa,Grandma,and Reese cups for everyone." I am not sure where the Reese cups came in but how adorable. She then repeats what she said earlier but faster. She will say in Jesus name and then say, "oh yeah and thank you for whomever she played with that day" This can go on for some time. She has learned the art of stalling before bed even with her prayers.
Last night she asked if I was old. I said, "NO",she asked if Nana is old and I said,"A little bit old". I said,everyone gets old and she said,"even me". Yes, honey even you some day. She hugged and kissed me and said,"Mommy lets not ever,ever get old." Sounds good to Mommy!!!
I have prayed that Kara have a guilty conscience. I think it is working because every time one of us come home from work she tells on herself. She told Tim she was not being a good listener but only for a little bit.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Our 5th Anniv. 4/23/10

Kara actually took this picture of Tim and I on our anniversay. I am so blessed to have such an awesome husband!!!

Franklin Park Conservatory

We went for the first time to Franklin Park Conservatory to see the butterflies. She enjoyed looking at the flowers,the train and the room where people get married. She was disappointed because no one got married and a butterfly did not land on her. We still had a fun day.

Kara's favorite things

Kara's favorite thing to sleep with is a penquin(that Tim gave me when we were dating)So,we bought another one so she wouldn't tear up mine. She then needed both of them to sleep. I went to buy a back up just in case we lost the second one. The moral of the story is...we should of stuck with just one. She needs all 3 of them day and night with her. She named them Peep,Pippa,and Socko. I can't even explain how and where she came up with those names. Her other thing she does before bedtime is Daddy reads 3 books and then mommy puts her to bed. I love this picture of her and Tim reading bedtime stories.

Easter 4/4/10

Easter 4/4/10

A little late posting Easter pictures but I finally developed them. Kara actually did 3 Easter Egg Hunts. The first one at her pre-school. Tim had her practice the night before and coached her right before. He was unbelievable,he was literally yelling at her, pick them up,run,get up,don't open the eggs yet, get as many as you can. All for 10 pieces of candy, hopefully she will not be traumatized for next year. The second one was at my parent's Church which they gave out prizes instead of candy. The third one at Aunt Lisa's house with her cousin. We also read everynight about the true meaning of Easter. Jesus loved us so much that he died for all of us. Kara about 3 days later,lined her stuffed animals in a row and starting crying(fake)she came out and said,"They all died on the cross but we shouldn't cry,Mommy. They will come back to life and we will be happy again. Tim and I were amazed just listening to her as she told "us" the story. She even mentioned the "mean soldiers" but God forgave them and Jesus and one guy went to heaven and the other one did not. We pray she will always have a hunger to learn and read the stories of the Bible.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Strike a Pose

Kara comes out of her room and ask Tim, "How do I look?" She is wearing our 3D glasses,pajama bottoms around her neck(she said, it was her scarf),pajama shorts with both legs in one for a skirt,and rain boots. She said, "Do I look ravishing". I made the mistake of asking her to pose for a picture. She is 3yrs and 3mos. now with an unbelievable imagination. She has a "pretend mouse" living with us name,"Jerry" He is the one that makes all of the messes,tears things up and sleeps in the ceiling fan. She wants to leave cheese and toys out for him. Tim and I are ready for "Jerry" to find a new home.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 12/25/09

Kara was such a joy this Christmas. She was so amazed and excited about looking at Christmas lights and watching traditional Christmas shows on TV.(still watching in January)Tim did an awesome job on her new/old dollhouse. Tim's Dad made this for his sister about 30 years ago. Tim cleaned it up and gave it a new paint job and looked great. She only asked for GeoTraxx(train set)this year. She has watched the DVD about 100times and know matter who asked that was what she told them. She also loved her new table and chairs with her tea set for all of her friends. We all had a very blessed Christmas and looking forward to new memories and traditions for the year 2010.

Christmas and Christmas Eve 12/24/09

Kara was so much joy this Christmas. She was amazed and excited about everything. She loved all the Christmas lights and watching all of the tradional Christmas shows on TV.(still watching in January)We started our Happy Birthday to Jesus tradition last year when Kara picked out a donut vs. a cake. I didn't plan very well thinking something would be opened Christmas Eve after Church. Well,I was wrong from Krogers,Giant Eagle,Dunkin Donuts,and Tim Horton's were all CLOSED. Tim was thinking just go home,no big deal we can find something at home. I insisted a tradition is tradition so we found donuts at the BP down the street. I will buy them the day before next year.