Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swing set wins this time

Tim and I are acquiring grey hairs faster by the day with Kara. She fell off the swing set on Friday night. Trying not to be too over zealous we just put ice on her wrist and gave her motrin. I feel horrible waiting 2 days before we took her to Children's Close to Home on Sunday. She was moving it and playing but still favoring and it started to swell. When the doctor told us it was a buckle fracture of the right radius arm. I looked at Tim and he knew exactly what I was thinking. I said, on Saturday it looks like a Buckle Fracture and we should take her. I should of gone with my instincts on Saturday and taken her at that time. Thank God she doesn't need surgery, no plates or pins. She has to wear her cast for 2 weeks. A couple hours later, Kara said, "Mommy, I done with my boo band, it is too heavy,can you take it off." Poor thing, bathing will be fun trying to keep it covered. Pray,pray this a quick and pain free recovery for Kara.

Big Girl Bed 4/23/09

We decided to move Kara to her toddler bed since Tim and I were both off for 4 days. I was told you do not get a lot of sleep at first. Up and down putting them back in bed. Kara has done remarkably well. She has stayed in her bed and only sneaks out to get a book. She hasn't learned you put your head at one end and your feet at the other end. I took this picture on Friday. Looks like she is hanging on for dear life.(upside down).

Baby elephant at the zoo 4/16/09

We saw the cute little baby elephant at the zoo last week. Kara didn't understand why we had to wait so long(1 hour in line)We barely made the cut off to see him. He sure is cute.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter morning 4/12/09

Our Easter morning was a little bit disappointing because Kara was sick. Kara was up the night before with a 103 temp. So,Tim went to Church and I let Kara eat cheerios on the couch and keep her binky and blanket most of the day. She proceeded to get better as the day went on. So, we decided to go to Tim's family for a yummy Easter Lunch. Later that day we decided to tell her the Easter Bunny came while she was playing in the basement. We hid eggs and her basket for her to find. She was more concerned how the Easter Bunny came in without her hearing the doorbell or him knocking. I am glad our "stranger danger" talks or sinking in her little head. Being so Type A,I was kind of sad we all didn't go to Church,wear our new clothes,take pictures,etc. As the day progressed it was actually very relaxing and calming. I spent a lot of time praying,reflecting and reading books to Kara. I have to remember life is not on "Patty Time" but "God's Time." We will take our "post Easter" pictures this Sunday and everything will be okay!!!

Easter Eve 4/11/09

We had dinner with my parents and colored Easter Eggs. Kara's first time coloring eggs and she was more interested in the cool bunny spoon. She did a good job not spilling the dye everywhere or cracking all the eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt 4/4/09

Our 1st of many Easter Egg Hunts at our Church. Thanks to all you helped with food,crafts,preparations,etc. A huge thanks to Sara and Justin who took on this mission. We had a great turnout and lots of fun.