Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/14/11 Valentines and 1st bike ride

We started a Valentine's tradition with cards,small gifts and dinner by candlelight. WE are not making it easy for Kara's future husband.
Kara riding her bike for the first time. She prefers Daddy to just push her instead of pushing the pedals herself.

Tim's 40th Birthday 1/15/2011

Tim being the humble and frugal man that is...wanted no party this year. I came very close to NOT honor his wishes. He agreed to have just family and we had a great time. I thank God everyday for my loving husband and loving father to Kara.

12/25/2010 Christmas

Christmas 12/25/2010

Christmas 12/25/10

Kara started asking for Christmas presents since October. She would look at the adds on Sunday and tell us everything she wanted. Tim and I were both off this Christmas and we had a great day. We stayed home and Lori and my Mom both came over and spent time with us. Kara received her first bike with training wheels. Christmas Eve was special at Church, then home to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus (candle in donut, Kara started that tradition 2 yrs. ago)finished the Advent Calendar,stories of Baby Jesus and then finally to bed.

12/05/10 Kara's 4th birthday

Kara has really blossomed this past year. Her vocabulary(very articulate and argumentive, come back for everything) Mastered the computer, pulls up the internet,favorites, Disney Clubhouse and tries to print a coloring sheet all by herself. Eventually have to put a block on this computer. Loves to read,watch TV,movies(knows how to turn the TV on and put her movie in without me knowing) and she loves her penguins. She only plays with stuffed animals(no dolls or Barbies)she plays school, store,"family" with them, even changes her voice with each one. She loves to sing or hum a tune throughout the day. She likes to make up her own words. She tells me she likes school but doesn't like taking a nap there or listening to Mrs.Becky. She has many,many years of listening to her teachers I tell her. We had her first "friend" party this year and she was excited to invite everyone. Told me she was inviting 5,000 of her friends. Glad she finally narrowed down a little.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camping (cabin trip) 11/14/2010

I love our annual cabin trips with my friends from High School. We have been going for over 20years. We all have our input in what we want in a cabin and now some of the kids are old enough to give their opinions too. I look forward to spending a whole weekend with everyone eating,watching football,playing games,and eating. We went to a cabin 20miles outside of Old Man's Cave this year. We all loved it and had access to a private reserve of trails and caves. We were the only ones there and it was really warm for November. Looking forward to next year.