Friday, December 11, 2009

Kara's 3rd birthday

We all had a such a great time for Kara's birthday weekend. Started Friday night going to CocoKey Resort and swimming and spending the night. Some of our friends joined us for Spider Man cupcakes(yes,Spider Man,she wanted Princess and Spider Man)and swimming. Saturday we relaxed at home and celebrated with just us. Sunday,celebrated with family at our house. Monday at the Snowflake Castle with friends. Whew,Kara had so much fun but she didn't like the rule that you have to open the card before the present. Thankfully,by Sunday she got it down!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Go Bucks!!!! Smell the Roses 11/21/09

Our traditional gathering for the OSU beat Michigan Party is always a great time. Especially if OSU wins which we did!!! The "Lynn's" (we all have the middle name Lynn including now our daughters Jessica and Kara)Had a great time just hanging out watching the kids play and eating of course.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Kara made up her mind months ago she wanted to be Spider Man for Halloween. So she let me put a red skirt over her costume and she wanted her beads. So, I guess that now makes her Spider Girl. She was also a cat for Westerville's festivities and tells people she was Spider Man and a Cat. She had a so much fun going with her cousin Kennedy this year.

Fall Festivities Oct. 27,09

Kara had more fun carving a pumpkin this year than last year. She actually liked getting her hands inside and taking out the seeds. She kept saying, "ooohh, this is cool"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Go Bucks

Kara would wear her OSU jerseys everyday if we would let her. She is still a little tomboy with a little girlie thrown in there. As you can see in the pictures she wants her jersey and her "neckalaces" on. We will be at the store and someone will be wearing a OSU shirt. Kara will notice right away and insist she needs hers on. She will pretty much sit through the whole game and watch with us. She cheers,and ooohs during tackles and ask is he okay. She even recognizes Jim Tressel on the news. She told Tim last week she wants to play football not be a cheerleader and we can watch her on TV.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

First day of preschool 9/11/09

Kara has to get up around 8:00am for school,which is only 1 day a week. She normally gets up between 9-10:00am. The first day of school Tim and I went in to wake her up and her response was..."I go back to seep,I will go to school this safternoon." I don't know why she thought the afternoon was even an option or where she heard that from. Tim told her she has a long way to go till she is out of school. She finally woke up and off we went to school. She started playing in the kitchen area and told Tim he could stay but I could go. Tim told her that was not nice and both mommy and daddy are going to go. We waited a couple more minutes and we told her bye and we love you. She didn't even stop playing or look up at us,waved her hand good-bye and said love you, bye. She did pretty good compared to some of the other kids crying and holding onto their parents for dear life. I'm glad she is independent and outgoing but she could of shed a little tear form Mommy. I shed enough for the both of us!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kara's new cousins 8/27/09

Kiernan and Reileigh arrived healthy and beautiful on 8/28/09. Her big sister Kennedy and cousin Kara were so excited.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here I am Daddy 8/14/09

Tim was looking for Kara while he was washing the car. He looks over and Kara yells out,"Here I am."

Look out Kara has the hose 8/14/09

Kara has mastered the sprayer on the hose. She loves to help her Daddy with whatever he is fixing or cleaning.

High Maintenance

Kara will ask for a "assage" when she comes down with me to help with laundry. Last week she climbed up on the table,put her face in the face rest and said,"assage me mommy." I started to rub her back and she looked up at me and said," I need lotion and cover me up." Oh boy,we are in trouble,Diva in the making.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 4th 2009 Conneaut,OH

July 4th, 2009

We were invited to Conneaut,OH(along Lake Erie)for the 4th of July. Many thanks to Lisa,Kyle,Willa and all the kids. We had such a great time. Kara swam her little heart out. A little too cold at the beach but she had fun looking for rocks. Her favorite part was the parade. She never understood why people were throwing her candy. Tim, being the great dad that he is, pretty much shoved kids out of the way to get the good stuff for his daughter.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Camping Trip, Deer Creek 6-19/6-21/09

Kara will not eat corn at home but loved corn on the cob. Kara doing her chores to empty the water and a picture of our cabin.

Our First Camping Trip 6-19/6-21-09

I finally convinced Tim to go camping and we had a great time over Father's Day. By definition most people would not call our camping cabin, "True Camping." Kara had a great time just being outdoors,going to the beach,watching movies on her DVD player, and getting to sleep with mommy everynight. Tim didn't want to eat outside because the bugs were in his food, the wind was blowing the plates,etc. We are camping,therefore, we are eating outside on the picnic tables not in our little air conditioned cabin. Our cabin had everything we "Needed" except bathroom facilities. We took Kara's little potty,since we started being serious about potty training earlier in the week. She has done really well except on Saturday. She was just excited to have her cousins there to hang out with us. I have to admit the cabin with AC is key in June. We also had a small refridgerator,microwave,electricity,and it slept 6. We had 2 picnic tables, fire ring and an electric hot plate chained to one of the picnic tables with a shelter. We went to Deer Creek State Park which has alot of things to do. The beach,fishing,playgrounds,lodge,cabins,campground,etc. We will definitely do this in the future. I have visited all of our state parks and we are blessed to have so much here in Ohio. I suggest going to the website to see what day or overnight inexpensive trips to do this summer.

5/30/09 Jose&Kristen's Wedding

We had such a great time at the Byer's wedding. I think Kara and Emily had the most fun dancing and twirling around in their dresses. The girls were so cute and we had to take Kara kicking and screaming off the dance floor to go home.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Race for the Cure 5/16/09

Each year the Race for the Cure gets bigger and bigger,over 45,000 people. Pretty amazing to see such great support here in Columbus,Ohio. This was my 10th year,Tim's 3rd year and Kara's 1st year. This year was even more meaningful to support one of my high school friends who is now a SURVIVOR!!! We supported Sheila Downing's team,
"Sheila's Believers." She had over 120 people who walked and raised money for the cure for Breast Cancer. Unfortunately, I know way too many friends and family members who have been struck by this disease. ALL THE WOMEN WHO READ THIS, PLEASE,PLEASE GET YOUR YEARLY MAMMOGRAM AND DO MONTHLY SELF EXAMINES!!!!