Monday, March 31, 2008

First time on sliding board and swing 3/27/08

My Mom and I took Kara to Blendon Woods last week. She wasn't too sure about the swing or slide. She was too busy watching the older children and saying "Hi" to all of them.

Kara just being her cute little self!!

Kara giving us her "I'm sorry" face. She can cry one minute and laugh the next. She is constant entertainment for us.

Kara watching TV

Kara loves watching her cartoons and basketball. Her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Ki Lan,Dora,and Handy Manny. She could watch TV all day if we would let her. We will change the channel from cartoons to the news and Kara yells "NO" and tries to get the remote. She loves to read books as well. So, I guess we are not "bad parents" for letting her watch TV.

Easter 3/23/08

Kara's 2nd Easter and she enjoyed her new movies,books,candy(not from Mommy & Daddy)and her favorite was Mickey and Minnie. We had a great day at Church and spending time with family and friends. We are so blessed!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt 3/15/08

Kara's 2nd Easter Egg Hunt but 1st one she could participate in. She was so cute with the Easter Bunny. She kept saying "Hi" and rubbing his arm. She kept saying bunny everytime he walked by. She was so good being so cold and rainy. Nana and Papa helped her with her craft. Cousin Carson painted her face for the first time. Daddy and Mommy helped her eat all of her candy. Small sacrifice but that is a one of many parents have to make.

Kara's new "Ohhhh" face

We love Kara's new face she makes when she gets excited.

Kara beating up Daddy 3/10/08

Kara and Tim were playing and she accidentally scratched Tim's cornea. The poor girl will never live this one down. Tim was off of work for 3 days with multiple trips to the eye doctors. Here is a picture of Tim's battle wounds. Almost 5 days later and still hard to open his eye completely. First of many injuries in the Schmidjell household.

Youth fellowship hosted at our house 3/14/08

We hosted our youth from our Church with dinner,games, and Kara's favorite dessert.
Lydia was nice enough to share her cupcake with Kara. Little did Lydia know Kara doesn't know the true meaning of "sharing". She ate practically the whole thing.

Stuffing eggs for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt 3/7/08

Kara will probably kill me later for putting her in this Bunny suit. I will just tell her it is a tradition,starting with her cousin Carson. She ate a couple of pieces of chocolate that Carson gave her. She is definitely my daughter because she loved every last morsel. She pleaded for more but I wasn't sure how she would react to all of that sugar.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kara's big day in the blizzard of 2008

Kara is not really sure about all of this cold and wet stuff. She eventually realizes how fun it is to have the snow on her tongue. Tim got as far as our porch with her on Saturday. We may of lost her in the yard if he took her out any further.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Kara in pigtails

Kara has lots of hair that can be pretty wild. I thought I would try some pigtails. This is as good as it gets without tying her down to put them in.

Kara loves Ravioli

Kara likes Ravioli and Spaghetti. Unfortunately, for Tim and I it is not easy to clean up. She even wants to share with us.