Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Camping Trip, Deer Creek 6-19/6-21/09

Kara will not eat corn at home but loved corn on the cob. Kara doing her chores to empty the water and a picture of our cabin.

Our First Camping Trip 6-19/6-21-09

I finally convinced Tim to go camping and we had a great time over Father's Day. By definition most people would not call our camping cabin, "True Camping." Kara had a great time just being outdoors,going to the beach,watching movies on her DVD player, and getting to sleep with mommy everynight. Tim didn't want to eat outside because the bugs were in his food, the wind was blowing the plates,etc. We are camping,therefore, we are eating outside on the picnic tables not in our little air conditioned cabin. Our cabin had everything we "Needed" except bathroom facilities. We took Kara's little potty,since we started being serious about potty training earlier in the week. She has done really well except on Saturday. She was just excited to have her cousins there to hang out with us. I have to admit the cabin with AC is key in June. We also had a small refridgerator,microwave,electricity,and it slept 6. We had 2 picnic tables, fire ring and an electric hot plate chained to one of the picnic tables with a shelter. We went to Deer Creek State Park which has alot of things to do. The beach,fishing,playgrounds,lodge,cabins,campground,etc. We will definitely do this in the future. I have visited all of our state parks and we are blessed to have so much here in Ohio. I suggest going to the website to see what day or overnight inexpensive trips to do this summer.

5/30/09 Jose&Kristen's Wedding

We had such a great time at the Byer's wedding. I think Kara and Emily had the most fun dancing and twirling around in their dresses. The girls were so cute and we had to take Kara kicking and screaming off the dance floor to go home.