Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Our plans changed this year because I had to work and Tim was on call. We were blessed to have Christmas morning together. We woke Kara up,I am sure that will change over the next few years. She saw her Barbie tent and lots of presents. She kept saying, "Wow,present for me, what's in there?" She was so excited with each gift and of course, wanted everything opened right now! The pictures tell it like it is she is little bit of a princess and little bit of a tomboy. She only asked for an "Ironman" for Christmas. So she is wearing her tiara and princess slippers while holding Ironman and her tools. She was so much fun and a just a blessing to watch. We can't wait till next year.

Christmas Eve 2008

Here are a few pictures of us starting our own Christmas traditions. We started by doing our advent calendar. Each day was a story of the Bible leading up to Jesus birthday. Kara was so excited each night to get her book from the calendar and read before bedtime with Daddy. Our next tradition is our family photo at Church after the Christmas Eve service. Kara was a little more challenging this year to be still and quiet during the service. We were told by many people that she is a little chatter box. That is an understatement, she had to comment about each person, every song,etc. Our next tradition is before bedtime we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and she blows out the candle. She said she wanted a doughnut not a cake for Jesus birthday. So we stuck a candle in our doughnut with the melted green icing. We learned that Kara and doughnut(sugar) means she will be up for a couple more hours. Another lesson learned by Tim and I. Next year we will eat our cake or doughnut earlier. Then we all snuggled in our beds awaiting Christmas morning.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Turning 2 with a bang 12/12/08

Our sweet little girl is literally scarred for life. Our first (prayerfully the last)set of stitches. Kara met her match with the kitchen window seal and LOST. I received the dreaded phone call at work from Tim Friday evening. I met them at the Children's Close to Home (our 3rd visit in 2 years)Kara was perfectly fine and playing with every sick kid in Westerville in the waiting room. They removed the band-aid and she didn't like that at all. They put numbing gel on her forehead and across the laceration. We waited 30 more minutes and then she received (1)stitch inside to bring it together and 8 more on top. The minute they gave her a freeze pop she stopped crying. She has been such a trooper (better than Mommy and Daddy) We came home and I told her we needed a picture of her battle wounds. She sat up and said "Cheese", almost like she was proud of her stitches. The next day, we asked her how her head was and she said, I'm okay Mommy. She has not complained once or even bothered the stitches. I hope she is not accident prone like her Mommy. I didn't get my first set of stitches until I was 3 years old.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Kara is 2 Years Old 12/05/08

Hard to believe she is 2 already. I am grateful she still allows me to rock her and sing to her. That is about all she lets me do these days, as Kara says,"I do it". Her vocabulary is something else and she amazes us each and every day. She loves her swimming lessons. She will float on her back with just a little bit of help,hang onto the edge of the pool and go under water. She doesn't go under voluntarily,just yet. She is too busy waving to all of the women doing water aerobics.(Which they all love and wave back)She is our social butterfly and for a 2 year old she is pretty pleasant when we go out to eat and she loves to go shopping,the majority of the time. We have to tell her to turn around that all of the people eating are not here to see and talk to her. She is into her cartoons and tells us what she wants to watch. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,Caillou,Imagination Movers,and Sesame Street. She could watch cartoons all day if we would let her. She is into dolls and her stuffed animals but her other favorite is "Iron Man." When asked what she wants for Christmas she says,"IRRRON MAN" in her growling voice. She is a little bit of a tomboy,especially when she goes head first down the slides. She is also very much a girl when it comes caring for her bears and dolls. We are so blessed and we thank God each and every day for her.

Kara's 2nd Birthday

Kara's 2nd Birthday Party 12/06/08

Kara had so much fun at her party this year. What a difference a year makes,this year she opened all of her cards and gifts pretty much by herself. Her favorite word was "WOW, present for me".

Kara's 2nd Birthday 12/05/08

Kara was so excited when she woke up and saw all of her birthday decorations. She kept saying "WOW, Happy Birthday Kara". We started our day at the Westerville Snowflake Castle with her friend Treyton. The did a puppet show,craft,pictures with Santa and Mrs.Claus. We went to Bob Evans for lunch so Kara can get her favorite, smiley faced french fries.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kara's first parade 11/29/08

Kara loved Gahanna's Christmas Light Parade. We had so much fun just watching her expressions and how excited she was with each float. She kept saying "nutter one" she loved the marching bands and the horses the best. Kelsey and Helena had fun with Kara and let her wear one of their hats. The parade is always the Saturday following Thanksgiving for future reference at 6:00.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kara's first Trunk or Treat 11/01/08

Kara has had so much fun dressing up for her 3rd night in a row. We were invited to a Trunk or Treat at the Vineyard Pickerington Church. We had so much fun going from station to station and hanging with the Groff Family. Emily and Kara are quite the pair.

Trick or Treat x2 10/31/08

Kara had so much fun going Trick or Treat, she went two nights in a row. Thursday we went to my parents and Friday we went in our neighborhood. Tim and I had the hard job of eating, I mean checking her candy!!!! We had practiced the day before saying Trick or Treat and Thank You. I am not sure who told her to say "More Please" instead of Thank You. She figured out "More Please" got her MORE candy. She was so funny watching her walk up to the houses in her cowgirl boots.

Kara's first costume/birthday party 10/18/08

Kara was the youngest at Tanner's 6th birthday party but she kept up with the big kids. She was a little scared of some of the costumes but she warmed up later. Lisa did a great job with different stations,games,food,decoration,etc. Kara loves his younger brother Treyton (HULK) and Tanner was Iron Man. All of the kids were so cute and the parents had fun too.

Fall is so much FUN!!! Oct. 18th

Kara carved her first pumpkin with Mommy and Daddy's assistance of course. She would not put her hands in to scoop out the seeds. She kept saying "eeewwww" Daddy do it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kara's First Pony Ride 10/11/08

Kara actually rode a "real pony" for the first time at Apple Butter Day in Groveport. She tells me she wants to ride a "pony" but never follows through. She will not even get on the fake one at Meijers. She held on like a champ. She wouldn't even look at me or talk,she was concentrating so hard. She talked non-stop afterwards how she rode the pony.

Kara's gone fishing 10/11/08

We went to Groveport's Annual Apple Butter Day on Saturday with friends. They have a "fish a thon" for kids 0-15years old. She didn't enter at first but once she saw her friend Dominick fishing then she wanted a turn. She has patience like her mother so she didn't fish long enough to catch anything. She had fun holding the pole and looking at the worms. Her friends Kyle and Dominick each 4 years old took
1st and 2nd place. Kara won more plastic worms so I guess her Daddy will be taking her fishing again.

Pumpkin Patch Circle S Farms 10/3/08

Kara's first trip to a pumpkin patch with our Sunday School Class. She had so much fun, running from pumpkin to pumpkin saying "this one."