Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 12/25/09

Kara was such a joy this Christmas. She was so amazed and excited about looking at Christmas lights and watching traditional Christmas shows on TV.(still watching in January)Tim did an awesome job on her new/old dollhouse. Tim's Dad made this for his sister about 30 years ago. Tim cleaned it up and gave it a new paint job and looked great. She only asked for GeoTraxx(train set)this year. She has watched the DVD about 100times and know matter who asked that was what she told them. She also loved her new table and chairs with her tea set for all of her friends. We all had a very blessed Christmas and looking forward to new memories and traditions for the year 2010.

Christmas and Christmas Eve 12/24/09

Kara was so much joy this Christmas. She was amazed and excited about everything. She loved all the Christmas lights and watching all of the tradional Christmas shows on TV.(still watching in January)We started our Happy Birthday to Jesus tradition last year when Kara picked out a donut vs. a cake. I didn't plan very well thinking something would be opened Christmas Eve after Church. Well,I was wrong from Krogers,Giant Eagle,Dunkin Donuts,and Tim Horton's were all CLOSED. Tim was thinking just go home,no big deal we can find something at home. I insisted a tradition is tradition so we found donuts at the BP down the street. I will buy them the day before next year.

Baking Christmas Cookies 12/09

Kara's first time making cookies from start to finish. I always knew Tim had more patience than I except baking cookies with Kara. Tim is a very precise direction,instruction type person. Whatever the box says then their is NO deviating from the recipe or instructions. Unless,of course your baking with Kara and she decides how much goes in the bowl,the floor,the countertop,on herself,etc. I guess Kara and I are on our own for the next batch.