Friday, May 16, 2008

Kara with family on Mother's Day

We had a blessed day with Tim's family and my family on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day with family

Kara loves to play with her cousins Carson,Conner,and Kennedy. Kara was missing 2 different times but found in the living room playing the piano and singing to herself. We all decided to hang out by the piano watching Kara and Kennedy playing. They were so sweet sitting together at the piano.

Kara's many poses

Kara is into wearing sunglasses when she is outside. Nana bought her these princess glasses last summer. The pictures of her in "I'm a Little Miracle" shirt is for the display at work. Westerville is having their 100th Anniversary and any baby that was born at St.Ann's will be displayed. I had to stretch the onesie on her since it is only a 6mos. shirt. I promise the picture with her hands behind her head was not prompted. She is our little ham but mostly our blessed Little Miracle.