Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kara at Graeters 3/7/09

Happy Birthday Treyton, big 3yrs. old. Kara went down the tunnel slide all by herself for the first time. Tim and I no longer have to climb up with her and be the only adult flying out of the end of the slide. (not a pretty sight) The Graeters on Bethel have a play room for kids next to the restaurant side. All the kids had a great time eating ice-cream and running around. Kara went on the "banana" like a teeter totter. The look on her face is pretty scary. Luckily she doesn't know the #1 rule not to jump off while the other person is in the air. I hope and pray she learns the rules and will play nice. We went to a playground this week and the kids were running by her going up the stairs. Kara did not like this and kept yelling, "I'm first." We told her she had to share the playground and the slide. She then turned around and put her arms out and yelled again, "I'm first." The other kids could not get past her and just looked at her. Tim and I were amazed and appalled by her behavior. Where do they learn such selfish behavior??

Sunday, March 1, 2009

1st. time on "Big Girl Potty"

Kara went poopy on the potty tonight for the first time. Whoohoo! I am not sure if this is a one time deal or she will be consistent. She has been "practicing" for the last week but never really does anything. She has her video she loves to watch and about 4 books she reads while on the potty. She even ask for a sticker for "sitting" on the potty. She asked to go on the potty before she went in the bathtub. Tim calls out very quietly because he wasn't sure how big of a deal we should make of this moment. Kara was so excited and proud of herself. We all cheered and now the fun of potty training begins.

Future Doctor or Nurse

Kara and Tim came to have dinner with me at work last week. I forgot I had my scrub hat on and she had to have one too. She tells me, "I a Doctor."

Quiet time is good

I love this picture of her because I was ready to find her doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. She was playing in her room and then she became quiet. She is usually talking to her stuffed animals or dolls. So I quietly peeked around her door and saw her reading a book. She even got the pillow out of the chair and placed it on the floor for her head. She looks like "kid" not a toddler.(sniffle)