Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kara's first visit to the Columbus Zoo 6/17/08

Kara loved the zoo,she especially liked the penquins,monkeys, and the tigers. She couldn't understand why she couldn't touch them or hold them. She was so good and excited for each new animal she was able to see for the first time. She would say "Hi" and wave good-bye to every animal.

Father's Day 6/15/08

Kara with Daddy and Papa on Father's Day. Kara is becoming more and more Daddy's little girl. She already knows Daddy isn't "really" going to discipline her. She has him right were she wants him and Papa too. She loves her Papa,she will ask many times a day for her Papa.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congratulations Jessica Lynn 6/7/08

I am so blessed to have "BFF's" Bobbie,Tracy and Debbie. We have all been friends for over 30years+. Hard to believe Jessica is old enough to be graduating. Here we are with just us girls (the Lynn's)and with all of our kids, Jessica,Connor,Zach,Dominick,Kara, and Dalton

Kara enjoying the fountains at Gahanna Creekside 6/7/08

Kara is becoming more and more Daddy's little girl.

Kara and Emily

Kara loves to play with Emily. When we arrive at Church, Kara says, "Yeah Emawee"
They are so cute reading a book together and playing in Kara's little house.