Saturday, September 19, 2009

First day of preschool 9/11/09

Kara has to get up around 8:00am for school,which is only 1 day a week. She normally gets up between 9-10:00am. The first day of school Tim and I went in to wake her up and her response was..."I go back to seep,I will go to school this safternoon." I don't know why she thought the afternoon was even an option or where she heard that from. Tim told her she has a long way to go till she is out of school. She finally woke up and off we went to school. She started playing in the kitchen area and told Tim he could stay but I could go. Tim told her that was not nice and both mommy and daddy are going to go. We waited a couple more minutes and we told her bye and we love you. She didn't even stop playing or look up at us,waved her hand good-bye and said love you, bye. She did pretty good compared to some of the other kids crying and holding onto their parents for dear life. I'm glad she is independent and outgoing but she could of shed a little tear form Mommy. I shed enough for the both of us!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kara's new cousins 8/27/09

Kiernan and Reileigh arrived healthy and beautiful on 8/28/09. Her big sister Kennedy and cousin Kara were so excited.