Monday, February 11, 2008

Kara in the kitchen

Kara is allowed in one cabinet in the kitchen. She pulls every bowl,lid,etc. out at least 3 times a day. She pulls them all out onto the floor and then she moves onto something else. She has also managed to slide Tim's bag of cereal through the safety latch. I heard her say "Mo Pease" and then I realized she was in the kitchen and couldn't get the bag open. I guess we will be buying boxed cereal from now on.

Kara in "Her Chair"

My mom and I have been giving Kara a snack after her naptime. She enjoys sitting in her chair with her bowl of Cheerios and her "WaWa"(water). She is getting better about eating one at a time and leaving them in the bowl.

Dalton's arrival 1/11/08

Our friends Debbie&Eric had baby boy Dalton on 1/11/08. Kara,myself and big brother Dominick are trying to get him to stop crying.

Friday, February 1, 2008

New meaning of the laying of hands!!

We are not sure what Kara is doing to her doll but it looks as if she is praying over her. She has learned the word "baby" and then hugs her dolls and stuffed animals.

More Christmas pictures

Christmas 2007

Kara had fun this Christmas with discovering the Christmas tree and unwrapping her presents. She had practice 3 weeks earlier, unwrapping her birthday presents. She had no problem ripping open what was hers and others.
She is into Dora the Explorer and she received books,dolls,clothes,etc. She loves "Dorie" as she calls her.

Kara's 1st Birthday

Kara celebrated her 1st birthday on Dec. 3rd with family and friends. She was overwhelmed with all the love and presents she received.