Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camping (cabin trip) 11/14/2010

I love our annual cabin trips with my friends from High School. We have been going for over 20years. We all have our input in what we want in a cabin and now some of the kids are old enough to give their opinions too. I look forward to spending a whole weekend with everyone eating,watching football,playing games,and eating. We went to a cabin 20miles outside of Old Man's Cave this year. We all loved it and had access to a private reserve of trails and caves. We were the only ones there and it was really warm for November. Looking forward to next year.

Halloween 10/30/2010

Kara went trick or treat 3 different nights and places. Weekend before to Worthington Rec.Center,our neighborhood, and friend's neighborhood. Kara was a unicorn and a penguin this year. You know from previous years, Tim is all about the candy. Kara wanted to introduce herself to each person,go in their house,ask what their dog's name was, etc. Tim was getting impatient and finally told her....the more you talk the less candy you will get now come on. Our friends were cracking up because they were always 5 houses ahead of us. We joked that Kara should of dressed up like a politician. She spoke to people like she was running for office.