Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kara's First Pony Ride 10/11/08

Kara actually rode a "real pony" for the first time at Apple Butter Day in Groveport. She tells me she wants to ride a "pony" but never follows through. She will not even get on the fake one at Meijers. She held on like a champ. She wouldn't even look at me or talk,she was concentrating so hard. She talked non-stop afterwards how she rode the pony.

Kara's gone fishing 10/11/08

We went to Groveport's Annual Apple Butter Day on Saturday with friends. They have a "fish a thon" for kids 0-15years old. She didn't enter at first but once she saw her friend Dominick fishing then she wanted a turn. She has patience like her mother so she didn't fish long enough to catch anything. She had fun holding the pole and looking at the worms. Her friends Kyle and Dominick each 4 years old took
1st and 2nd place. Kara won more plastic worms so I guess her Daddy will be taking her fishing again.

Pumpkin Patch Circle S Farms 10/3/08

Kara's first trip to a pumpkin patch with our Sunday School Class. She had so much fun, running from pumpkin to pumpkin saying "this one."

Kara's first visit to a Circle S Pumpkin Patch 10/3/08