Friday, May 7, 2010

Our 5th Anniv. 4/23/10

Kara actually took this picture of Tim and I on our anniversay. I am so blessed to have such an awesome husband!!!

Franklin Park Conservatory

We went for the first time to Franklin Park Conservatory to see the butterflies. She enjoyed looking at the flowers,the train and the room where people get married. She was disappointed because no one got married and a butterfly did not land on her. We still had a fun day.

Kara's favorite things

Kara's favorite thing to sleep with is a penquin(that Tim gave me when we were dating)So,we bought another one so she wouldn't tear up mine. She then needed both of them to sleep. I went to buy a back up just in case we lost the second one. The moral of the story is...we should of stuck with just one. She needs all 3 of them day and night with her. She named them Peep,Pippa,and Socko. I can't even explain how and where she came up with those names. Her other thing she does before bedtime is Daddy reads 3 books and then mommy puts her to bed. I love this picture of her and Tim reading bedtime stories.

Easter 4/4/10

Easter 4/4/10

A little late posting Easter pictures but I finally developed them. Kara actually did 3 Easter Egg Hunts. The first one at her pre-school. Tim had her practice the night before and coached her right before. He was unbelievable,he was literally yelling at her, pick them up,run,get up,don't open the eggs yet, get as many as you can. All for 10 pieces of candy, hopefully she will not be traumatized for next year. The second one was at my parent's Church which they gave out prizes instead of candy. The third one at Aunt Lisa's house with her cousin. We also read everynight about the true meaning of Easter. Jesus loved us so much that he died for all of us. Kara about 3 days later,lined her stuffed animals in a row and starting crying(fake)she came out and said,"They all died on the cross but we shouldn't cry,Mommy. They will come back to life and we will be happy again. Tim and I were amazed just listening to her as she told "us" the story. She even mentioned the "mean soldiers" but God forgave them and Jesus and one guy went to heaven and the other one did not. We pray she will always have a hunger to learn and read the stories of the Bible.