Friday, May 7, 2010

Kara's favorite things

Kara's favorite thing to sleep with is a penquin(that Tim gave me when we were dating)So,we bought another one so she wouldn't tear up mine. She then needed both of them to sleep. I went to buy a back up just in case we lost the second one. The moral of the story is...we should of stuck with just one. She needs all 3 of them day and night with her. She named them Peep,Pippa,and Socko. I can't even explain how and where she came up with those names. Her other thing she does before bedtime is Daddy reads 3 books and then mommy puts her to bed. I love this picture of her and Tim reading bedtime stories.

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Brian Snyder said...

Sounds like Kayla! She has a favorite "B" (blanket). I bought a back up one which she found in her drawer one day so she has to sleep with them both! One she balls up under her head and the other one you have to cover her up with! ~Meredith