Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Kara is 2 Years Old 12/05/08

Hard to believe she is 2 already. I am grateful she still allows me to rock her and sing to her. That is about all she lets me do these days, as Kara says,"I do it". Her vocabulary is something else and she amazes us each and every day. She loves her swimming lessons. She will float on her back with just a little bit of help,hang onto the edge of the pool and go under water. She doesn't go under voluntarily,just yet. She is too busy waving to all of the women doing water aerobics.(Which they all love and wave back)She is our social butterfly and for a 2 year old she is pretty pleasant when we go out to eat and she loves to go shopping,the majority of the time. We have to tell her to turn around that all of the people eating are not here to see and talk to her. She is into her cartoons and tells us what she wants to watch. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,Caillou,Imagination Movers,and Sesame Street. She could watch cartoons all day if we would let her. She is into dolls and her stuffed animals but her other favorite is "Iron Man." When asked what she wants for Christmas she says,"IRRRON MAN" in her growling voice. She is a little bit of a tomboy,especially when she goes head first down the slides. She is also very much a girl when it comes caring for her bears and dolls. We are so blessed and we thank God each and every day for her.

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Laura said...

So cute!! She looks so grown up with her hair up. I totally forgot to wish her a Happy Birthday this morning! Let me know when you guys want to get together again during the day.