Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Here are a few pictures of us starting our own Christmas traditions. We started by doing our advent calendar. Each day was a story of the Bible leading up to Jesus birthday. Kara was so excited each night to get her book from the calendar and read before bedtime with Daddy. Our next tradition is our family photo at Church after the Christmas Eve service. Kara was a little more challenging this year to be still and quiet during the service. We were told by many people that she is a little chatter box. That is an understatement, she had to comment about each person, every song,etc. Our next tradition is before bedtime we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and she blows out the candle. She said she wanted a doughnut not a cake for Jesus birthday. So we stuck a candle in our doughnut with the melted green icing. We learned that Kara and doughnut(sugar) means she will be up for a couple more hours. Another lesson learned by Tim and I. Next year we will eat our cake or doughnut earlier. Then we all snuggled in our beds awaiting Christmas morning.

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