Saturday, December 13, 2008

Turning 2 with a bang 12/12/08

Our sweet little girl is literally scarred for life. Our first (prayerfully the last)set of stitches. Kara met her match with the kitchen window seal and LOST. I received the dreaded phone call at work from Tim Friday evening. I met them at the Children's Close to Home (our 3rd visit in 2 years)Kara was perfectly fine and playing with every sick kid in Westerville in the waiting room. They removed the band-aid and she didn't like that at all. They put numbing gel on her forehead and across the laceration. We waited 30 more minutes and then she received (1)stitch inside to bring it together and 8 more on top. The minute they gave her a freeze pop she stopped crying. She has been such a trooper (better than Mommy and Daddy) We came home and I told her we needed a picture of her battle wounds. She sat up and said "Cheese", almost like she was proud of her stitches. The next day, we asked her how her head was and she said, I'm okay Mommy. She has not complained once or even bothered the stitches. I hope she is not accident prone like her Mommy. I didn't get my first set of stitches until I was 3 years old.


Holly Rae said...

Glad she's okay! She's so darn cute & getting big!
I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

Laura said...

What a trooper! Freeze pops are a wonderful thing. Glad the recovery time was short.