Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swing set wins this time

Tim and I are acquiring grey hairs faster by the day with Kara. She fell off the swing set on Friday night. Trying not to be too over zealous we just put ice on her wrist and gave her motrin. I feel horrible waiting 2 days before we took her to Children's Close to Home on Sunday. She was moving it and playing but still favoring and it started to swell. When the doctor told us it was a buckle fracture of the right radius arm. I looked at Tim and he knew exactly what I was thinking. I said, on Saturday it looks like a Buckle Fracture and we should take her. I should of gone with my instincts on Saturday and taken her at that time. Thank God she doesn't need surgery, no plates or pins. She has to wear her cast for 2 weeks. A couple hours later, Kara said, "Mommy, I done with my boo band, it is too heavy,can you take it off." Poor thing, bathing will be fun trying to keep it covered. Pray,pray this a quick and pain free recovery for Kara.


Nita said...

Poor baben! Tell Kara that Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. Zambrano love her very much, and we are praying that her arm will be well very soon! (And, we are praying for Mommy and Daddy, too!)

Holly Rae said...

Aww! Poor Kara! This is totally something that everyone in the nursing/doctor field does to their children! All of us children of doctors, nurses, etc all have stories like this! My mom finally took me to see the doctor after not being able to breath for 3 or 4 days. My breathing was so shallow they couldn't even hear air passing through my lungs w/ a stethoscope! lol. Wish I could be there to sign her cast! Love the color though!