Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kara can say the funniest things

Kara's bedtime prayers are becoming longer and more specific. Taking after her mother. Our time together before she goes to bed is prayer time. Daddy has a reading time and I have prayer time. She starts by saying, "Thank you God for the world so sweet(glad she is so naive)for Nana,Papa,Grandma,and Reese cups for everyone." I am not sure where the Reese cups came in but how adorable. She then repeats what she said earlier but faster. She will say in Jesus name and then say, "oh yeah and thank you for whomever she played with that day" This can go on for some time. She has learned the art of stalling before bed even with her prayers.
Last night she asked if I was old. I said, "NO",she asked if Nana is old and I said,"A little bit old". I said,everyone gets old and she said,"even me". Yes, honey even you some day. She hugged and kissed me and said,"Mommy lets not ever,ever get old." Sounds good to Mommy!!!
I have prayed that Kara have a guilty conscience. I think it is working because every time one of us come home from work she tells on herself. She told Tim she was not being a good listener but only for a little bit.

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