Friday, July 9, 2010

vacation/ Kings Island 6/10

We decided since Kara loves rides we would go to Kings Island for 2 days and go to the Cinci Zoo. The first day she said, we couldn't leave because she has not "rode all the rides" She was a trooper and we stayed till the fireworks. The next morning she jumped up and said, "Look, I grew overnight, now I can ride the big red rollercoaster." We had to break it to her gently that she still wasn't big enough to ride the big rollercoasters. She cried and cried but was glad we were going back to Kings Island. She wanted to stay all day and watch fireworks again. Mommy and Daddy are way too old to hang 2 whole days at Kings Island. We convinced her to leave around dinnertime and then swim at our hotel. We had a great time but the Zoo was a lot smaller than Columbus. We were there maybe 30 minutes and Kara said, she was done we could leave. Once she saw the penquins she was ready to go back to the hotel. We had a great time and I realized Kara and her Daddy will have their special day every year and go to Kings Island together. I don't do rides and it is really a waste of money for me to just walk around all day. Afterall, I could walk around all day at the Ikea Store and get my exercise.

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Holly Rae said...

I love that picture of her in the lady bug! tehe!