Saturday, October 2, 2010

9/29/10 Kara receives vest for Awana Cubbies

Kara started Awana this year (Cubbies)She has done better with memorizing her versus than I thought she would do. Some older kids wear a vest with patches for each step they complete. Every week Kara would ask, "When do I get my vest?" We told her soon but she has to repeat all of her versus to her teacher without help and tell her where to find the verse in the Bible. She loves going and ask everynight is tonight Awana? She finally was awarded her vest but was not patient at all. All the kids were sitting at their assigned tables waiting to be called up to the front. Kara with each name called stood up and moved closer and closer each time. She would get excited and then realized it was someone else. She was cracking us up. We kept saying "sit down, sit down" but she wasn't listening. Finally she was called and clapped for herself and ran right up there. I was messing with the camera and missed most of it but could hear her yelling. "Daddy & Mommy, I finally got my vest, I got it, I got it. You would of thought she won an Olympic God Medal. We are so glad she is that excited to learn and memorize the Bible. We pray she doesn't lose that desire. Plus I am now learning a new verse everyweek.

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