Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Future OSU Cheerleader 9/27/08

Kara will run into the room if she hears football on TV. She will then shout "Ohio State, Go Buckeyes". We will tell her that it isn't Ohio State but whatever team is playing. She gets so mad and goes right to the TV and yells even louder. She can almost repeat "I,O" after I say "O,H" We are still working on that one. Here are her many faces and poses while watching the OSU vs. Minnesota game. Hard to believe she will only be 22 months next week.


Laura said...

Oh how cute!!! I'm sure Charlie will start teaching Emily the Penn State song soon. :o)

Charlie said...

Poor girl! I thought that there was hope for her. I guess that she can not hang out with Emily anymore. Sorry! LOL