Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Big Dancing Girl 8/16/08

We attended a wedding this past weekend of Tiffany and Jordan Winnestaffer. (Congrats) Kara had so much fun running around,talking with people and dancing. We realized this past weekend she is no longer our "Baby Kara" but a "Big Girl". The ring bearer was so smitten with Kara. He is only 6yrs.old (older man)He kept telling her how pretty she was and asked if he could dance with her. When Tim and I picked ourselves up from the floor we waited for her response. She said, in her cute,innocent,little voice, "NO", Dance Daddy. Tim had the biggest smile on his face. I told him to try again later, she was just being shy. He didn't give up and kept coming back for more rejection. Needless to say she never danced with him, only with her Daddy. (sniffle,sniffle)

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Richard and Jodi Lewis said...

AWE!!! Patty that is so adorable!! Plus its probably a good thing she's rejecting the boys :) too young just yet to be dealing with those :)